Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free online games, and codes.

How to get free game codes, and online games. Availible World-Wide.

First step is to create a spare email address. This email will be used for signing up for the sites.(They spam you a lot, so don't use your main email address for the offers.)

Next step is to download VPN software. You're using this because the site we're going to be using doesn't support all countries, but a VPN will mask your IP. The software can be downloaded at: . Download, Install and run this software before proceeding the next step.

Now you need to register at the site. The URL is

Register with your main email. Go to the left hand side, and click view available offers. Usually the American offers won't be available, but now it should be.

When you are done, and have enough points, you need to go to View Available Offers, and chooses the prize you want. Don't choose any physical prizes because they can't be shipped.

If you need any help, email me at